Terms of service

Article 1 (Introduction)

This is a Terms of service (hereinafter referred to as "we") that all of the services offered on this site (hereinafter referred to as the "services") and explain How to use the service.Users of umammi(hereinafter referred to as the "user" ) shall use the service in accordance with this Terms of service.

2. In this Terms of service, in addition to the terms "privacy policy" and "FAQ" in the guidelines, the service of the notice and the method are presented. Please read it together since these are a part of this agreement and are substantially constituted.

Article 2 (Definition and Registration of the user)

1. The User of this service contain both the Registered Users,and the Guest Users.

2. Registered Users means those who use a registration form by inputting the content data,and their individual are approved by UMAMMI.

3. Guest Users means those who can only use the browse and search service without a registration described as 2.

4. Users who's found as following case would be refused to use this service. Furthermore,we won't take any responsibility for the harm occurres to a third party as the following situations.

a. The registration content contains false information.

b. The registration content is not a latest information.

c. The user who is against thie Terms of services.

d. The user who belongs/relates to the anti social forces,or who have ever taken any anti social act before.

e. Other Inappropriate cases judged by UMAMMI.

5. we won't take any responsibility for the harm occurres to a third party as the following situations.And those cases as the following will be limited and the accounts will be blocked.

a. The illegal activities such as unauthorized access.

b. The excessive use beyond the capacity of our management and range of our services.

c. The harassment act such as a spam and an act(refered to Article 5:Prohibition)that is banned by the Terms.

d. Other Inappropriate cases judged by UMAMMI.

Article 3 (Privacy)

1. We provide service and collect your personal information in minimum and we keep it privacy and safe.

2. We handle our users' personal information accourding to our Privacy Policy and take the users who use our service as taken an agreement to our Privacy Policy.

Article 4(The Responsibility of the user)

1. Users shall prepare the access to the Internet,and afford all the equipment, software, and operation which are necerssary all by their own. We assume no responsibility to perform any of these preparations and the operation.

2. We contact to our registered users by the first email at the email address. Registered users can receive from our email by inputing your email address correctly. We do not take any responsibility in the case of those cannot receive the email by providing false information or taking a wrong operation.

3. We don not take any respnsibility to whom declare the trouble caused by providing information to us according to the Privacy Policy.

Article 5 (The Prohibited Matter)

1. User shall not act any of the following violation of the law while using our services.

A. Infringement of privacy

B. A fraudulent act

C. And other criminal acts in violation of laws or regulations or related acts

2. User shall not act any of the following anti-social force while using our services

A. Nuisance, harassment, slander and the act of giving mental damage and economic damage to others

B. A false use of other's personal or company name,without authority and the false act by using organization, or the individual and company, organization.

C. And other improper act against public order,morals and social behavior.

3. The user must not act any of those described in the obave and the other act judged to be inappropriate.

Article 6 (Use Charge)

1. Registered Users shall be charged in accordance with the provisions of this service, and finish the payment for the service accoding to UMAMMI'S [Terms of Service]

2. The amount of the payment and the fee for the service will be charged separately.

Article 7 (The property right)

1. We are possessed of property rights on all the information contained in this service,software and services.

Article 8 (legal Disclaimer)

1. We privide our best service and make a best effort to need your help, however we do not take responsibility of any defect, pause, deleting, modifying, and those caused by the end user or damage to others in the service, except when it is serious, or deliberately negligent.

Article 9 (The Change of the Terms and Service)

1. The present Convention, are subject to change without notice. Since it's difficult to inform individually please refer to the latest terms at any time.

2. The contents of this service will be added,deleted or changed without notice in the future.

Article 10 (Governing law and Jurisdiction)

1. This Terms of Service is based on the rules of the law in Japan. And the exclusive jurisdiction court is regarded as Tokyo District Court.