Devised by the traditional Japanese massage technique, and based on the oldest facial treatment [KOBIDO] in Japan, gives a direct approach to the skin cells, is our own beauty menu.

Effect like Lift Up, Detox, Fine the Wrinkles and Stains, can be expected.


In 1472, well-known as a cosmetic method used by the Empress of emperor at that time is now inherited by Mr. Shogo( Mochizuki Shogo),who is the 26th schoolmaster. It is not only to Pull up, down, and wash, but is a facial massage which is born from the old facial massage skills by Finger-walking and Percussion to fresh the facial muscles.


In the place called 5 Star Hotel, joy and emotion are always flitting around.

Can we say that it is because the [hospitality] which sophisticated by the specialists is always being provided here?

This hospital was born from the wish for serving like a 5star hotel.

We provide a space to ensure privacy in private treatment rooms.

Acupuncture, needle plates,and of course, the bed sheet are disposable at each time for security and safety.

[The touch of the body is also the touch of your heart] is possible here.

Please try our special [Space,Operation and Personal Service].

The treatment chamber with 2 rooms is a complete private space.

We also have the Powder Room(You could remake-up after the treatment).

The director's Hospital: Tomohiro KOIDE


For Example)

Facial Cleansing→Wash→ (Acupuncture)→(Pack)→ facial skin care.

※The skin treatment content will be changed according to the condition of the skin

※The skin care products is from Lisblanc Company.

KOBIDO (without pack) 60 min : JPY10, 000

KOBIDO 80min〜90min:JPY13,000

※The 80min courses include the Acupuncture.

Access to the following URL to check KOBIDO out.


Adress 〒158-0083 4Chome26-8 Okusawa,Setagaya-Ku,Tokyo

1min walk from Okusawa Station TokyuMeguro Line

※25min(23min by Train+about 1min walk) from Yokohama Station

※30min(28min by Train+about 1min walk) from Shinagawa Station

8min walk from Jiyugaoka Station Tokyutoyoko Line/TokyuOimachi Line

※17min(9min by Train+about 8min walk) from Shibuya Station

※16min(8min by Train+about 8min walk) from Hutagotamagawa Station

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